The Mission Report

Rodman & Renshaw
17th Annual Global Investment Conference

September 8-10, 2015 - St. Regis Hotel, New York, NY


More than 2,000 attendees will enjoy access to corporate presentations from growth companies in the healthcare,
metals and mining, technology, cleantech and other industries; investor one-on-one meetings; and daily networking opportunities over
breakfast, lunch and cocktails. For more information on Rodman & Renshaw visit

Presenting Companies: A-M N-Z


Nano Dimension (NNDMY)

Nano Dimension (OTC: NNDMY) was founded in 2012 and focuses on the research and development of advanced 3D electronics printing, including a printer for printing PCBs (printed circuit boards), and the development of nanotechnology- based ink products, which are complementary products for 3D printers. The company was established by four seasoned entrepreneurs: Sharon Fima, Amit Dror, Simon Fried and Dagi Ben-Noon, whose backgrounds are in world-class digital print companies and technology companies. For more information, visit the company's website at

NanoViricides, Inc. (NNVC)

NanoViricides, Inc. (NYSE: NNVC) is a development stage company with a unique nanomedicine technology. The company is developing nanotechnology-based biomimetic anti-viral medicines called "nanoviricides." So far, virus-specific nanoviricide drug candidates against five commercially important viral diseases: viz. seasonal and potentially-epidemic influenzas and bird flu, HIV/AIDS, cold sores and genital herpes infection, viral eye diseases, as well as dengue viruses, have demonstrated very high levels of effectiveness. For more information, visit the company's website at

NephroGenex, Inc. (NRX)

NephroGenex, Inc. (NASDAQ: NRX) is an innovator in the development of drugs to treat kidney disease with a first indication in diabetic nephropathy. It has been pioneering the development of PYRIDORIN (pyridoxamine dihydrochloride), a late stage compound to treat the one-third of diabetics with this slow-developing but potentially deadly disease. The drug is designed to scavenge a broad range of the pathogenic oxidative chemistries that are elevated in diabetics and cause kidney damage in order to slow/stabilize the progression of end-stage renal disease. For more information, visit the company's website at

NeuroMetrix, Inc. (NURO)

NeuroMetrix, Inc. (NASDAQ: NURO) is an innovative health-care company developing wearable medical technology and point-of-care tests that help patients and physicians better manage chronic pain, nerve diseases and sleep disorders. Established in 1996 by Shai Gozani, M.D., Ph.D., and NeuroMetrix's president and chief executive officer, the Waltham, Massachusetts-based company was founded as a spinoff from the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. For more information, visit the company's website at

Nivalis Therapeutics, Inc. (NVLS)

Boulder, Colorado-based Nivalis Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: NVLS) is discovering solutions for cystic fibrosis. The company is developing a class of disease-modifying therapies designed to preserve intracellular GSNO (S-nitrosoglutathione), an endogenous molecule with cell-signaling effects that are implicated in the pathophysiology of cystic fibrosis (CF).The company's lead candidate, N91115 initially targets patients with the F508del mutation, the most common disease causing mutation in CF. For more information, visit the company's website at

Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc.

Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: NWBO) is developing cancer vaccines designed to treat a broad range of solid tumor cancers more efficiently and cost-effectively than current treatments, and without the side effects of chemotherapy drugs. The company has a broad platform technology for DCVax dendritic cell-based vaccines, and its lead product, DCVax-L, is currently in a 348-patient phase III trial for patients with newly diagnosed Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), the most aggressive and lethal brain cancer. For more information, visit the company's website at

NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NBY)

NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE: NBY) is a biopharmaceutical company focusing, commercializing and developing its non-antibiotic anti-infective products to address the unmet therapeutic needs of the global eye care market. NovaBay has two distinct product categories: the NEUTROX family of products, led by AVENOVA for the eye care market, NEUTROPHASE for wound care and CELLERX for the dermatology market; and AGANOCIDE compounds, led by AURICLOSENE. For more information, visit the company's website at

Novatel Wireless, Inc. (NVTL)

Novatel Wireless, Inc. (NASDAQ: NVTL) delivers intelligent wireless solutions that simplify the Internet of Things (IoT). The company has invented and reinvented ways in which the world stays connected and accesses information. With multiple first-to-market innovations, a strong and growing IP portfolio of hardware and software innovations for IoT, the company has been advancing technology and driving industry transformation for over 20 years. For more information, visit the company's website at

Ocean Power Technologies, Inc. (OPTT)

Ocean Power Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: OPTT) is a pioneer in renewable wave-energy technology that converts ocean wave energy into electricity. OPT's proprietary PowerBuoy technology is based on a modular design and has undergone periodic ocean testing since 1997. OPT specializes in advanced autonomous (not grid connected), cost-effective, and environmentally sound ocean wave based power generation and management technology. For more information, visit the company's website at

Ocera Therapeutics, Inc. (OCRX)

Ocera Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: OCRX) is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of proprietary compounds to treat acute and chronic orphan liver disease. Ocera's lead program, OCR-002 (ornithine phenylacetate) is an ammonia scavenger, designed to treat hyperammonemia (elevated ammonia in the blood) and associated hepatic encephalopathy, a complication of patients with liver cirrhosis and acute liver failure or injury. For more information, visit the company's website at

Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc. (OCLS)

Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: OCLS) has designed a humanitarian program to respond to unexpected disasters—floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, epidemics and even man-made calamities—by providing product (such as food or medical assistance) to these victims. The product will be available according to the regulatory claims in each area and at the request of emergency first responders and foundations. To this end, Oculus is proactively seeking partnerships with international aid groups that respond to relief needs and improve global health care services. For more information, visit the company's website at

Onconova Therapeutics, Inc. (ONTX)

Onconova Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: ONTX) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing novel small molecule drug candidates to treat cancer. Using a proprietary chemistry platform, Onconova has created an extensive library of targeted anti-cancer agents designed to work against specific cellular pathways that are important in cancer cells, while causing minimal damage to normal cells. For more information, visit the company's website at

OncoSec Medical Incorporated (ONCS)

Established in 2011, OncoSec Medical Incorporated (NASDAQ: ONCS) is a San Diego-based biotechnology company pioneering new technologies to stimulate the body's immune system to target and attack cancer. Through its proprietary technology, the company means to deliver safer and more effective cancer treatments that can provide long-term benefits for patients. OncoSec's investigational platform, ImmunoPulse, is designed to enhance local delivery and uptake of DNA-based therapeutics directly into tumors. For more information, visit the company's website at

Oncothyreon, Inc. (ONTY)

Oncothyreon, Inc. (NASDAQ: ONTY) is a biotechnology company dedicated to the development of oncology products that can improve the lives and outcomes of cancer patients. Recognizing that cancer is a complex disease involving changes to individual cells, the tumor microenvironment and the immune system, the company's product pipeline reflects this complexity and includes small molecules designed to attack cancer cells directly and synthetic vaccines designed to stimulate an immune response against cancer cells (cancer immunotherapy). For more information, visit the company's website at

Opexa Therapeutics, Inc. (OPXA)

Opexa Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: OPXA) is a biotechnology company developing personalized immunotherapies with the potential to treat major illnesses, including multiple sclerosis (MS) as well as other autoimmune diseases, such as neuromyelitis optica (NMO). These therapies are based on Opexa's proprietary T-cell technology. The company's leading therapy candidate, Tcelna, is a personalized T-cell immunotherapy that is in a phase IIb clinical development program (the Abili-T trial) for the treatment of Secondary Progressive MS. For more information, visit the company's website at

Oramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ORMP)

Oramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: ORMP) was established in 2006, and has developed a unique proprietary platform technology that allows for the oral delivery of drugs presently administered only via injection. From the company's inception, Oramed has successfully tested its technology via various animal and human studies on its two flagship products, an orally ingestible insulin capsule, ORMD-0801, and an oral GLP-1 analog (exenatide) capsule, ORMD-0901. For more information, visit the company's website at

Orient Paper, Inc. (ONP)

Orient Paper, Inc. (NYSE: ONP) is a leading paper manufacturer in North China. Using recycled paper as its primary raw material (with the exception of its digital photo paper and tissue paper products), Orient Paper produces and distributes three categories of paper products: corrugating medium paper, offset printing paper, and other paper products, including digital photo paper and tissue paper. Orient Paper's production facilities are controlled and operated by its wholly owned subsidiary Shengde Holdings Inc., which in turn controls and operates Baoding Shengde Paper Co., Ltd., and Hebei Baoding Orient Paper Milling Co., Ltd. For more information, visit the company's website at

OvaScience, Inc. (OVAS)

OvaScience, Inc. (NASDAQ: OVAS) is a global fertility company; each OvaScience treatment is based on the company's proprietary technology platform that leverages the breakthrough discovery of egg precursor (EggPCSM) cells – immature egg cells found inside the protective ovarian lining. The AUGMENTSM treatment, a fertility option specifically designed to improve egg health, is available in certain IVF clinics in select international regions outside of the United States. OvaScience is developing the OvaPrimeSM treatment, which could increase a woman's egg reserve, and the OvaTureSM treatment, a potential next-generation IVF treatment that could help a woman produce healthy, young, fertilizable eggs without hormone injections. For more information, visit the company's website at

OXIS International, Inc. (OXIS)

OXIS International, Inc. (OTC: OXIS) develops innovative drugs focused on the treatment of cancer and other unmet medical needs. OXIS' lead drug candidate, DT2219ARL, is a novel bispecific scFv recombinant fusion protein-drug that simultaneously targets cancer cells expressing the CD19 receptor or CD22 receptor or both receptors. OXS-4235 is a small molecule therapeutic candidate targeting the treatment of multiple myeloma and associated osteolytic lesions. OXIS' lead drug candidate, OXS-2175, is a small molecule therapeutic candidate targeting the treatment of triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC). For more information, visit the company's website at

PAR Technology Corp. (PAR)

PAR Technology Corp. (NYSE: PAR) offers technology solutions for the full spectrum of restaurant operations, from large chain and independent table service restaurants to international quick service chains. PAR's Hospitality business also markets hotel management systems for guest management, recreation management, and timeshare/condo management. PAR provides the spa industry a leading management application specifically designed to support the unique needs of the resort spa and day spa markets. PAR also provides technology solutions to the Department of Defense and other federal agencies to address evolving intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance needs, as well as military communications support services. For more information, visit the company's website at

PCM, Inc. (PCMI)

Since 1987, PCM, Inc. (NASDAQ: PCMI) has provided IT products, services and solutions to businesses, government agencies, educational, institutions and healthcare facilities. The company provides access to more than 300,000 IT products like tablets, slate, notebooks, desktops, servers, storage and networking from leading manufacturers like Cisco, HP, Apple, Adobe, Lenovo and Microsoft. With powerful eProcurement tools, comprehensive software licensing solutions and dedicated Account Executives, PCM strives to make it easy for customers to get exactly what they need to tackle their technical challenges. For more information, visit the company's website at

Perma-Fix Environmental Services, Inc. (PESI)

Perma-Fix Environmental Services, Inc. (NASDAQ: PESI) is a nuclear services company and provider of nuclear and mixed waste management services. The company's nuclear waste services include management and treatment of radioactive and mixed waste for hospitals, research labs and institutions, federal agencies and the commercial nuclear industry. The company's nuclear services group provides project management, waste management, environmental restoration, decontamination and decommissioning, new build construction, and radiological protection, safety and industrial hygiene capability. Through its subsidiary, Perma-Fix Medical, the company has also developed a new process to produce Technetium-99, the most widely used medical isotope in the world. For more information, visit the company's website at

Perseon Corporation (PRSN)

Perseon Corporation (NASDAQ: PRSN) is singularly focused on fighting one of humanity's worst diseases, cancer, and on helping physicians and their patients fight cancer with technology. The company is dedicated to developing innovative technologies to fight cancer. Perseon's products treat soft tissue tumors with precision-focused microwave energy, expanding treatment options for patients and healthcare providers everywhere. For more information, visit the company's website at

Pershing Gold Corporation (PGLC)

Pershing Gold Corporation (OTCQB: PGLC) is an emerging Nevada gold producer uniquely positioned to create shareholder value by fast-track reopening of the Relief Canyon Mine. The company's strategy to create shareholder value has four elements: advance the Relief Canyon Mine to commercial production; continue expanding the Relief Canyon deposit through development drilling; explore an approximately 25,000 acre land position to discover and develop additional gold deposits; and create value through strategic transactions. For more information, visit the company's website at

Pieris Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PIRS)

Pieris Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: PIRS) is a clinical-stage biotechnology company applying its proprietary Anticalin technology to create differentiated drugs that can help patients suffering from cancer, severe asthma, anemia, and other medical conditions with a high unmet medical need. Anticalins are recombinantly engineered versions of lipocalins, human proteins that naturally bind, store and transport a wide spectrum of molecules. Pieris' libraries of more than 100 billion different Anticalins can virtually bind to any target of interest. For more information, visit the company's website at

Plug Power, Inc. (PLUG)

Plug Power, Inc. (NASDAQ: PLUG) aims to revolutionize the fuel cell industry with cost-effective solutions that increase productivity, lower operating costs and reduce carbon footprint. Its signature solution, GenKey, provides an all-inclusive package for customers, incorporating GenFuel hydrogen and fueling infrastructure, GenCare aftermarket service and either GenDrive or ReliOn fuel cell systems. GenDrive, a lead-acid battery replacement, is used in electric lift trucks in high-throughput material handling applications. For more information, visit the company's website at

Pointer Telocation Ltd. (PNTR)

Pointer Telocation Ltd. (NASDAQ: PNTR) is a leading provider of cutting-edge products and technology, and Software as a Service (SaaS) to the fleet, automotive, insurance, cargo and public-safety industries. Pointer Telocation has a growing client base with products and technologies installed in over 1 million vehicles across 50 countries globally. Pointer offers a range of predominantly software-based services that are being provided to over a million users annually on a recurring basis. For more information, visit the company's website at

PolyMet Mining Corp. (PLM)

PolyMet Mining Corp. (NYSE: PLM) is a mine development company focused on permitting, building and operating the NorthMet copper-nickel-precious metals project through its wholly owned subsidiary, Poly Met Mining, Inc., a Minnesota corporation. Through long-term mineral leases, the company controls the NorthMet copper-nickel-precious-metals ore body which is located near the Mesabi Iron Range, northeastern Minnesota's well-established 100-mile-long mining district. For more information, visit the company's website at

Pretium Resources, Inc. (PVG)

Pretium Resources, Inc. (NYSE: PVG) is advancing the high-grade gold Brucejack Project to production. The company is creating value through gold at its 100%-owned, advanced-stage Brucejack Project, which is located 65 kilometers north of the town of Stewart in northern British Columbia. The high-grade gold opportunity at Brucejack, one of the largest and highest-grading undeveloped gold projects in the world, is the catalyst for near-term production, and the company's focus. For more information, visit the company's website at

Prima BioMed Ltd. (PBMD)

Prima BioMed Ltd. (NASDAQ: PBMD) is a globally active biotechnology company that is striving to become a leader in the development of immunotherapeutic products for the treatment of cancer. Prima BioMed is dedicated to leveraging its technology and expertise to bring innovative treatment options to market for patients and to maximize value to shareholders. Prima's main pipeline of products is based on the LAG-3 immune control mechanism which plays a vital role in the regulation of the T cell immune response. For more information, visit the company's website at

Protalex, Inc. (PRTX)

Protalex, Inc. (OTCBB: PRTX) is a biotechnology company developing a new class of drugs with the potential to revolutionize the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, including Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP). Protalex's lead product, PRTX-100, is a formulation of a proprietary, highly purified form of Staphylococcal Protein A, which is an immunomodulatory protein produced by bacteria. PRTX-100 has the ability, at very low concentrations, to bind to human B-lymphocytes and macrophages and to modulate immune processes. For more information, visit the company's website at

Pulmatrix, Inc. (PULM)

Pulmatrix, Inc. (NASDAQ: PULM) is developing innovative inhaled therapies to address serious pulmonary disease using its clinically validated, proprietary iSPERSE technology. Leveraging the unique capabilities of iSPERSE to dramatically advance inhalation technology, the company means to create new therapies to improve patient outcomes. Pulmatrix's pipeline of inhaled therapies represents innovative, first-in-class products. This proprietary pipeline of novel, therapies for rare, orphan diseases is led by PUR1900, an inhaled anti-infective to treat fungal infections in cystic fibrosis or immune compromised patients. For more information, visit the company's website at

Pure Bioscience, Inc. (PURE)

Pure Bioscience, Inc. (OTCQB: PURE) is focused on developing and commercializing its proprietary antimicrobial products that provide solutions to the health and environmental challenges of pathogen and hygienic control. Its technology platform is based on patented, stabilized ionic silver, and its initial products contain Silver Dihydrogen Citrate (SDC), a broad-spectrum, non-toxic antimicrobial agent that is manufactured as a liquid and delivered in various concentrations. For more information, visit the company's website at

Quantum Materials Corp. (QTMM)

Quantum Materials Corp. (OTCBB: QTMM) develops and manufactures Quantum Dots and nanomaterials for use in display, lighting, medical and solar energy through its patented continuous-flow production process. Quantum Materials' products are the foundation for technologically superior, energy efficient and environmentally sound LCD UHD displays, the next generation of solid-state lighting, solar photovoltaic power applications, advanced battery and energy storage solutions, biotech imaging and theranostics. Solterra Renewable Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of the company. For more information, visit the company's website at


RADCOM Ltd. (NASDAQ: RDCM) provides innovative service assurance and customer experience management solutions for leading telecom operators and communications service providers. The company specializes in solutions for next-generation mobile and fixed networks – including LTE, VoLTE, IMS, VoIP, UMTS/GSM and mobile broadband. RADCOM's comprehensive, carrier-grade solutions are designed for big data analytics on terabit networks and are used to prevent service provider revenue leakage while simultaneously enhancing customer care management. For more information, visit the company's website at

Rare Element Resources Ltd. (REE)

Rare Element Resources Ltd. (NYSE: REE) is a strategic materials company focused on delivering rare earth products for technology and defense applications by advancing its Bear Lodge project in northeast Wyoming. Bear Lodge is a significant mineralized district containing many of the most valuable rare earths used in the production of electronics, fiber optics, laser systems, solar panels and wind turbines. As an affiliate member of the U.S. Department of Energy's Critical Materials Institute, REE is committed to eliminating supply chain issues for rare earths and other critical elements. For more information, visit the company's website at

RealNetworks, Inc. (RNWK)

RealNetworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: RNWK) creates innovative applications and services that make it easy for consumers to connect with and enjoy digital media on the devices and platforms they choose to use. The company invented the streaming media category in 1995, and it continues to connect consumers with their digital media both directly and through partners with an aim of supporting every network, device, media type and social network. For more information, visit the company's website at

RedHill Biopharma Ltd. (RDHL)

RedHill Biopharma Ltd. (NASDAQ: RDHL) is an emerging Israeli biopharmaceutical company primarily focused on the development of late clinical-stage small molecule drugs for the treatment of inflammatory and gastrointestinal diseases, including gastrointestinal cancers. The company's current development pipeline is headlined by RHB-105, an oral combination therapy in phase III clinical development for the treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection, and RHB-104, an oral combination therapy in phase III clinical development for the treatment of Crohn's disease. For more information, visit the company's website at

Reed's, Inc. (REED)

Reed's, Inc. (NYSE: REED) produces the top-selling natural sodas in the natural foods industry and is sold in more than 15,000 natural and mainstream supermarkets nationwide. Additionally, the company's products are sold through specialty gourmet food stores, retail stores, convenience stores and restaurants nationwide and in select international markets. Reed's product portfolio includes seven award-winning non-alcoholic ginger brews; Virgil's Root Beer, the top-selling root beer line in natural foods; and China Cola, a top-selling cola line in natural foods. For more information, visit the company's website at

RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. (RGRX)

RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTCQB: RGRX) is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of a novel therapeutic peptide, Thymosin beta 4, for tissue and organ protection, repair and regeneration. The company currently has three drug candidates in clinical development for ophthalmic, cardiac and dermal indications, as well as three active licensing agreements in China, Pan-Asia and the United States. RegeneRx maintains an extensive worldwide patent portfolio covering all of its products. For more information, visit the company's website at

RestorGenex Corporation (RESX)

RestorGenex Corporation (OTCQB: RESX) is a specialty biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of a portfolio of first-in-class therapeutic products to treat diseases across the oncologic, ophthalmologic and dermatologic space. The company's lead product is a novel PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway inhibitor which has completed two phase I clinical trials for age-related macular degeneration and is in pre-clinical development for glioblastoma multiforme. RestorGenex's current pipeline also includes a soft anti-androgen compound for the treatment of acne vulgaris. For more information, visit the company's website at

Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (RNN)

Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE: RNN) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of novel, best-in-class therapeutics for the treatment of cancer. The company's product candidates work by targeting and neutralizing specific proteins believed to be involved in the complex biological cascade that leads to cancer cell growth. Rexahn's development pipeline includes three anti-cancer compounds currently in clinical development – including Supinoxin™, RX-3117 and Archexin® – as well as a novel nanopolymer-based drug delivery platform technology that may increase the bio-availability of FDA-approved chemotherapies. For more information, visit the company's website at

Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: RCPI) is a clinical-stage drug development company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of new drugs, formulations and compounds that provide therapies for chronic inflammatory disease and neurologic disorders. The company's lead compound, anatabine citrate, is a small molecule, cholinergic agonist which exhibits anti-inflammatory pharmacological characteristics that are distinct from other anti-inflammatory drugs currently on the market. Rock Creek has also sponsored extensive pre-clinical studies resulting in peer-reviewed and published scientific journal articles. For more information, visit the company's website at

Rosetta Genomics Ltd. (ROSG)

Rosetta Genomics Ltd. (NASDAQ: ROSG) develops and commercializes a broad range of microRNA-based and other high-value molecular diagnostics. The company's integrative research platform combining bioinformatics and state-of-the-art laboratory processes has led to the discovery of hundreds of biologically validated novel human microRNAs. Rosetta is currently working on the application of these technologies in the development and commercialization of a full range of microRNA-based diagnostic tools. For more information, visit the company's website at

Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (SFE)

Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (NYSE: SFE) has a distinguished track record of fostering innovation and building market leaders. For six decades, the company has been providing growth capital and operational support to entrepreneurs across an evolving spectrum of industries. Today, Safeguard is focused on two sectors – healthcare and technology. In these sectors, the company specifically targets early- and growth-stage businesses in advertising technology, digital media, financial technology, enterprise software, Internet of Things, devices, diagnostics, digital health and healthcare IT. For more information, visit the company's website at

Second Sight Medical Products, Inc. (EYES)

Second Sight Medical Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: EYES) develops, manufactures and markets innovative implantable visual prosthetics that enable blind individuals to achieve greater independence. The company's lead product is the Argus® II Retinal Prosthesis System, which is currently being studied in a trial designed to test its safety and utility in individuals with dry age-related macular degeneration. Second Sight is also developing the Orion™ I Visual Cortical Prosthesis to restore some vision to individuals who are blind due to causes other than preventable or treatable conditions. For more information, visit the company's website at

Signal Genetics, Inc. (SGNL)

Signal Genetics, Inc. (NASDAQ: SGNL) is a commercial-stage molecular design company focused on providing innovative diagnostic services that help physicians make better-informed decisions concerning the care of their patients suffering from cancer. The company's lead product is its MyPRS® test, which is a microarray-based gene expression profile assay designed to test the presence of various groups of genes that predict low or high level risk of early relapse in patients suffering from multiple myeloma. For more information, visit the company's website at

SITO Mobile Ltd. (SITO)

SITO Mobile Ltd. (NASDAQ: SITO) provides a mobile engagement platform that enables brands to increase awareness, loyalty and sales. Through its location-based advertising services, the company helps clients drive foot traffic into stores and improve customer loyalty. Through its mobile messaging services, SITO enables businesses to become more personal when engaging prospective customers. The company's proven platform has helped it build a client base that includes a collection of the largest retailers and brands in the world. For more information, visit the company's website at

Smith Micro Software, Inc. (SMSI)

Smith Micro Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMSI) is a provider of software designed to simplify and enhance the mobile experience. As the leader in wireless connectivity, the company's applications ensure the best quality of experience for mobile users while simultaneously optimizing networks for service providers and enterprises. Using its intelligent policy-on-device platform alongside premium voice, video and content monetization services, Smith Micro creates new opportunities to engage customers and capitalize on the growth of connected devices. For more information, visit the company's website at

Social Reality, Inc. (SCRI)

Social Reality, Inc. (OTCQB: SCRI) is an internet advertising company delivering a complete set of advertising and marketing tools and services powered by real-time automation. The company's proprietary technology connects the social and digital spheres to offer brands, agencies and publishers new and measurable opportunities to target, reach and monetize their audiences. Social Reality currently serves clients through six core platforms – including Social Reality Ad Exchange, GroupAd, SRAX MD, SRAX DI, SRAX Delta and Steel Media. For more information, visit the company's website at

Solar3D, Inc. (SLTD)

Solar3D, Inc. (NASDAQ: SLTD) is a leading provider of solar power solutions focused on the design, installation and management of solar power systems for commercial, agricultural and residential customers. Through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, the company is one of the fastest growing solar system providers in California. Solar3D's technology division is currently developing a patent-pending three-dimensional solar cell technology that improves upon the efficiency of current platforms by maximizing the conversion of sunlight into electricity. For more information, visit the company's website at

Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc. (SRNE)

Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: SRNE) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing new treatments for cancer, as well as associated pain, inflammation and immune diseases. The company recently licensed multiple late-stage biosimilar and biobetter antibodies for oncology and inflammation diseases in the U.S., European and Japanese markets. Sorrento's lead product is resiniferatoxin, a non-opiate TRPV1 agonist currently being developed as a treatment for terminal cancer patients suffering from intractable pain. For more information, visit the company's website at

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (SPPI)

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: SPPI) is a leading biotechnology company focused on acquiring, developing and commercializing drug products. The company currently markets five hematology/oncology drugs, and it expects an FDA decision on another hematology drug later this year. Additionally, Spectrum's pipeline includes three drug candidates in advanced stages of clinical development targeting blockbuster markets. The company's expertise in clinical development has helped it generate a robust, diversified and growing pipeline of product candidates in advanced-stage clinical studies. For more information, visit the company's website at

SteadyMed Ltd. (STDY)

SteadyMed Ltd. (NASDAQ: STDY) is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development of drug products to treat orphan and high value diseases with unmet parental delivery needs. The company's lead drug product candidate, Trevyent®, utilizes its proprietary PatchPump drug administration platform and is currently being developed to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension. In June 2015, SteadyMed signed an exclusive license and supply agreement for the commercialization of Trevyent in a collection of viable markets – including Europe, Canada and the Middle East. For more information, visit the company's website at

Stellar Biotechnologies, Inc. (SBOTF)

Stellar Biotechnologies, Inc. (OTCQB: SBOTF) is the leading manufacturer of sustainable keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH), an important immune-stimulating protein used in wide-ranging therapeutic and diagnostic markets. Through a recently executed strategic collaboration, the company has established itself as the only KLH supplier with a reliable and scalable source of this vital nutrient. By leveraging its portfolio of proprietary harvesting methods and technologies, the company is committed to meeting the rapidly expanding demand for commercial-scale supplies of GMP-grade KLH. For more information, visit the company's website at

Stemline Therapeutics, Inc. (STML)

Stemline Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: STML) is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel oncology therapeutics that primarily target cancer stem cells and tumor bulk. The company's pipeline currently includes two clinical stage product candidates, SL-401 and SL-701. SL-401 is a targeted therapy currently being studied for the treatment of relapsed/refractory blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm and acute myeloid leukemia. SL-701 is an immunotherapy being developed for the treatment of second-line glioblastoma multiforme. For more information, visit the company's website at

Stevia First Corp. (STVF)

Stevia First Corp. (OTCQB: STVF) is an agricultural biotechnology company enabling the production of dramatically healthier food and nutrition products. The company has developed and is commercializing a novel bioprocessing technique that has the potential to increase global stevia output by more than 100 percent while reducing costs and improving overall reliability of production. Through a recently-executed exclusive commercial deal, STVF is currently progressing toward becoming one of the world's largest suppliers of this natural sugar alternative. For more information, visit the company's website at

TapImmune Inc. (TPIV)

TapImmune Inc. (OTCQB: TPIV) is an immunotherapy company specializing in the development of innovative technologies for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. The company's peptide or nucleic acid-based immunotherapeutics comprise one or more naturally processed epitopes designed to comprehensively stimulate patients' T-cells while restoring or further augmenting antigen presentation. TapImmune's technologies are suitable for use as stand-alone medications, as well as in combination with current treatment modalities. For more information, visit the company's website at

Tecogen Inc. (TGEN)

Tecogen Inc. (NASDAQ: TGEN) manufactures, installs and maintains high-efficiency, ultra-clean combined heat and power products – including natural gas engine-drive cogeneration, air conditioning systems and water heaters for residential, commercial and industrial use. For over 20 years, the company has built a reputation for its cost-effective, environmentally-friendly products that utilize patented technology in order to significantly reduce its clients' carbon footprints. Tecogen is supported by an established network of engineering, sales and service personnel located throughout the United States. For more information, visit the company's website at

TG Therapeutics, Inc. (TGTX)

TG Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:TGTX) is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the acquisition, development and commercialization of novel treatments for B-cell malignancies and autoimmune diseases. Currently, the company is developing two therapies targeting hematological malignancies: TG-1101 and TGR-1202, both of which are in clinical development for patients with hematologic malignancies. The company also has pre-clinical programs to develop IRAK4 inhibitors, and anti-PD-L1 and anti-GITR antibodies. For more information, visit the company's website at

Threshold Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Threshold Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:THLD) is a biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of drugs targeting tumor hypoxia, the low oxygen condition found in the microenvironments of most solid tumors as well as the bone marrows of some patients with hematologic malignancies. The company's approach offers broad potential to treat a variety of cancers. By selectively targeting tumor cells, Threshold is building a pipeline of drugs that hold promise to be more effective and less toxic to healthy tissues than conventional anticancer drugs. For more information, visit the company's website at

Titan Pharmaceuticals Inc. (TTNP)

Titan Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTCQB: TTNP) is a specialty pharmaceutical company developing proprietary therapeutics primarily for the treatment of serious medical disorders. The company's lead product candidate, Probuphine®, is a novel and long-acting formulation of buprenorphine for the long-term maintenance treatment of opioid dependence. Probuphine employs Titan's proprietary drug delivery system ProNeura™, which is capable of delivering sustained, consistent levels of medication for six months or longer. Titan has granted North American commercial rights for Probuphine to Braeburn Pharmaceuticals. For more information, visit the company's website at

Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp. (TNXP)

Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp. (NASDAQ:TNXP) is focused on the invention and development of novel pharmaceutical products for medical conditions that it believes have broad societal impact, and that are not well served by currently available therapies. Tonix's Tonmya™ is currently being evaluated in the phase 3 AFFIRM study in fibromyalgia. TNX-102 SL, the same proprietary product candidate as Tonmya, is currently being evaluated in the phase 2 AtEase study in post-traumatic stress disorder. A phase 2 proof-of-concept study of TNX-201 in episodic tension-type headache is ongoing. For more information, visit the company's website at

Top Image Systems™ Ltd. (TISA)

Top Image Systems™ Ltd. (NASDAQ:TISA) provides enterprise solutions for capturing and validating structured and unstructured content entering organizations from various sources and managing content-driven business processes. Whether originating from mobile, electronic, paper or other sources, TIS solutions automatically capture, process and deliver content across enterprise applications. TIS' flagship eFLOW platform and diverse business process and mobile image processing solutions are marketed in more than 40 countries through a multi-tier network of distributors, system integrators, value-added resellers and strategic partners. For more information, visit the company's website at

TRACON Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (TCON)

TRACON Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:TCON) develops targeted therapies for cancer, wet AMD and fibrotic diseases. The company's current pipeline includes two clinical stage product candidates: TRC105, an anti-endoglin antibody that is being developed for the treatment of renal cell carcinoma, soft tissue sarcoma, hepatocellular carcinoma, glioblastoma and choriocarcinoma; and TRC102, a small molecule that is being developed for the treatment of lung cancer and glioblastoma. For more information, visit the company's website at

US Physical Therapy, Inc. (USPH)

US Physical Therapy, Inc. (NYSE: USPH) operates 503 clinics in 42 states to provide preventative and post-operative care for a variety of orthopedic-related disorders and sports-related injuries, treatment for neurologically-related injuries, and rehabilitation of injured workers. In addition to owning and operating clinics, the company manages 19 physical therapy facilities for third parties, including hospitals and physician groups. For more information, visit the company's website at

uniQure N.V. (QURE)

uniQure N.V. (NASDAQ:QURE) participates in the field of gene therapy and has developed the first and currently the only gene therapy product to receive regulatory approval in the European Union. The company is developing a pipeline of adeno-associated virus (AAV)-based gene therapies both internally and through multiple collaborations. uniQure is initially focused on orphan diseases, but through multiple collaborations and the recent acquisition of the cardiology gene therapy company InoCard, has made the next step toward developing gene therapies targeting chronic and degenerative diseases that affect larger populations. For more information, visit the company's website at

UQM Technologies Inc. (UQM)

UQM Technologies Inc. (NYSE: UQM) develops and manufactures power-dense, high-efficiency electric motors, generators, power electronic controllers and fuel cell compressors for the commercial truck, bus, automotive, marine, military and industrial markets. A major emphasis for UQM is developing propulsion systems for electric, hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric and fuel cell electric vehicles. UQM is TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified and located in Longmont, Colorado. For more information, visit the company's website at

Ur-Energy, Inc. (URG)

Ur-Energy, Inc. (NYSE: URG) is a uranium mining company operating the Lost Creek in-situ recovery uranium facility in south-central Wyoming. The Lost Creek processing facility has a two million pounds per year nameplate design capacity. Shirley Basin, our newest project, is one of the Pathfinder Mines assets we acquired in 2013. Baseline studies necessary for permitting the project are nearing completion. Ur-Energy is engaged in uranium mining, recovery and processing activities, including the acquisition, development and operation of uranium mineral properties in the United States. Shares of Ur-Energy trade on the NYSE MKT under the symbol "URG" and on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol "URE." Ur-Energy's corporate office is located in Littleton, Colorado; its registered office is in Ottawa, Ontario. For more information, visit the company's website at

Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC)

Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSE: UEC) is a U.S.-based uranium mining and exploration company with a fully-licensed Hobson processing plant as the central point of all of its projects in South Texas, including the Palangana in-situ recovery (ISR) mine, the permitted Goliad ISR project and the development-stage Burke Hollow ISR project. Additionally, the company controls a pipeline of advanced-stage projects in Arizona, Colorado and Paraguay. For more information, visit the company's website at

VBI Vaccines, Inc. (VBIV)

VBI Vaccines, Inc. (NASDAQ:VBIV) is a biopharmaceutical company developing novel technologies that seek to expand vaccine protection in large underserved markets. VBI's lead eVLP asset is a prophylactic Cytomegalovirus ("CMV") vaccine. The company has initiated work for GMP manufacturing of its CMV candidate for use in formal preclinical and phase I trials. VBI's second platform is a thermostable technology that enables the development of vaccines and biologics that can withstand storage or shipment at constantly fluctuating temperatures. For more information, visit the company's website at

Verastem, Inc. (VSTM)

Verastem, Inc. (NASDAQ:VSTM) is developing small molecule inhibitors of signaling pathways that are critical to cancer stem cell survival and proliferation. The company's current product line includes: FAK, PI3K/mTOR and Wnt. Verastem's proprietary research has developed a system for the discovery of a new generation of cancer drugs that can selectively target CSCs and provide a strategy for treatment of cancer patients. By engineering tumor cells to stably transition to CSCs, Verastem has established high-throughput drug discovery systems that make it possible to identify and develop drugs specifically targeting CSCs. For more information, visit the company's website at

Vical, Inc. (VICL)

Vical, Inc. (NASDAQ:VICL) applies its patented DNA delivery technologies and other therapeutic approaches to develop biopharmaceutical products for the prevention and treatment of chronic or life-threatening infectious diseases. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Vical is independently pioneering the development of paradigm-changing therapies, and is partnering with such industry leaders as Astellas, AnGes, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Merial. For more information, visit the company's website at

Viggle, Inc. (VGGL)

Viggle, Inc. (NASDAQ:VGGL) is an entertainment marketing and rewards platform whose app rewards its more than 9.0 million registered users for watching TV shows and discovering new music. Members can access the Viggle store via the Viggle app or on, to redeem their Viggle Points for TV show, movie, and music downloads. Viggle also operates Wetpaint, entertainment and celebrity news online; NextGuide, maker of technology that helps consumers manage reminders for TV shows and movies; and Choose Digital, a platform that allows companies to incorporate digital content into existing rewards and loyalty programs. For more information, visit the company's website at

Vista Gold Corp. (VGZ)

Vista Gold Corp. (NYSE:VGZ) principal asset is its flagship Mt Todd gold project in Northern Territory, Australia. The company also holds approximately 4.9% of the outstanding common shares of Midas Gold Corp., non-core projects in Mexico and the United States and royalty interests in projects in Bolivia and Indonesia. For more information, visit the company's website at

Viveve, Inc. (VIVMF)

Viveve, Inc. (OTCQ: VIVMF), operating subsidiary of Viveve Medical, Inc., is a women's health company committed to advancing new solutions to improve women's overall well-being and quality of life. The company's lead product, the globally patented Viveve® System, is a non-surgical, non-ablative medical device that treats the condition of vaginal laxity, which is the result of the over-stretching of tissue during childbirth that can result in a decrease in physical sensation and sexual satisfaction. The Viveve System has received regulatory approval in Europe, Canada and Hong Kong and is available through physician import license in Japan. For more information, visit the company's website at

VolitionRx (VNRX)

Life sciences company VolitionRx (NYSE: VNRX) is developing diagnostic tests for cancer and other conditions. The tests are based on the science of Nucleosomics®, which is the practice of identifying and measuring nucleosomes in the bloodstream or other bodily fluid – an indication that disease is present. The company's goal is to make the tests as common and simple to use, for both patients and doctors, as existing diabetic and cholesterol blood tests. VolitionRx's R&D activities are centered in Belgium as the company focuses on bringing its diagnostic products to market first in Europe, then in the U.S. and ultimately, worldwide. For more information, visit the company's website at

Vuzix® Corp. (VUZI)

Vuzix® Corp. (NASDAQ: VUZI) is a leading supplier of video eyewear and smart glasses products in the consumer, commercial and entertainment markets. The company's products include personal display and wearable computing devices that offer users a portable viewing experience, provide solutions for mobility, wearable displays and virtual and augmented reality. Vuzix holds 41 patents and 10 additional patents pending and numerous IP licenses in the video eyewear field. Vuzix has won Consumer Electronics Show (or CES) awards for innovation for the years 2005 to 2015 and several wireless technology innovation awards among others. For more information, visit the company's website at

Western Copper and Gold (WRN)

Western Copper and Gold (NYSE:WRN) is focused on advancing the Casino Project located in Yukon, Canada, one of the world's largest copper, gold, silver and molybdenum deposits. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Casino Mining Corporation, WRN is committed to developing the Casino mine at the highest levels of social and environmental practices. Casino contains 8.9 million ounces of gold, 4.5 billion pounds of copper, 483 million pounds of molybdenum, and 65 million ounces of silver in proven and probable reserves. For more information, visit the company's website at

Xinyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd. (XIN)

Xinyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd. (NYSE: XIN) is a real estate developer and property manager primarily in China and recently in other countries. In China, the company develops and manages large scale, high quality real estate projects in over ten tier one and tier two cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Jinan, Xi'an, Suzhou, among others. Xinyuan was one of the first Chinese real estate developers to enter the U.S. market and over the past few years has been active in real estate development in New York.For more information, visit the company's website at

Xtant Medical Holdings, Inc. (BONE)

Xtant Medical Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: BONE) develops, manufactures and markets class-leading regenerative medicine products and medical devices for domestic and international markets. Xtant products serve the specialized needs of orthopedic and neurological surgeons, including orthobiologics for the promotion of bone healing, implants and instrumentation for the treatment of spinal disease, tissue grafts for the treatment of orthopedic disorders, and biologics to promote healing following cranial, foot and ankle surgeries. For more information, visit the company's website at

XTL Biopharmaceuticals Ltd. (XTLB)

XTL Biopharmaceuticals Ltd. (NASDAQ: XTLB) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the acquisition, development, and commercialization of pharmaceutical products for the treatment of unmet clinical needs. XTL is focused on late stage clinical development of its two core assets: hCDR1 for the treatment of SLE/lupus and rHuEPO for "no-option" multiple myeloma patients. rHuEPO has demonstrated a significant survival benefit for a number of end-stage multiple myeloma patients and results have been published in medical journals. XTL owns a use patent and has obtained orphan drug designation for this application of the drug in the United States. For more information, visit the company's website at


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